Negativity In The World – Causing us to be fat?

Have you ever noticed how negative the world can be?  I went to the office yesterday and I was met with one negative person after another.  Then after I got home, I was a bundle of nerves about to explode because the negativity kept coming.   The negativity isn’t just a person, but it can be news, or feelings.

The news is full of bad negativity that can cause depression and other mixed feelings.  The news isn’t just on television either.  It can come in forms of email, facebook, twitter, etc.   The negativity is everywhere.   I cancelled my cable and glad I did because I can’t stand watching the news every night anymore.  It is full of people doing awful things, new changes in the state which are horrible and not to even forget to mention the political ads!

On facebook, i read about shootings of people while they are on air and more theater shootings.  I also hear how badly other countries are being treated.  It is too much!  My nerves can’t handle this.  So what did I do last night?  I drank two jagermeister / redbulls, tall!

This is not good for me!  This is killing me from the inside out.   I have decided that I am turning over a new leaf.  While I understand there will always be negativity around me, I refuse to let it get the better or me.

There was a study done at Northwestern University that shows if you hang around negative people, it will cause belly fat.  Why is this?  It is because those negative feelings that others have cause us to go to food to relieve those negative feelings.  Think about this people!!!  How many times have your co-workers been negative so you went and grabbed a snack without realizing it?  Not everybody is empathetic and may not feel the stress of the negativity of others.  However, if you are a strong empathetic person, you will end up eating away other people’s negativity.

The news is another source of negativity and stress.   Not only does watching television usually mean we are sitting on our rears, but the stress and negativity of the news is bound to get under people’s skin.   Everything from killings, accidents, to even the weather will cause a person to stress or worry about their own personal world. This stress and negativity again, aides us in eating and gaining weight.

So with my experience last night, i am going to take this challenge and hope that you accept it also.  Make sure to know your surroundings and the people in it.   If they are being negative in any way, call them out on it and ask if there is a way to handle the situation with a positive attitude or go away.   There is no need to have that person near you or being negative around you if you are not involved.  If you are involved, turn the conversation towards a positive note and figure out how to solve the issue with a smile.

Turn off the news.   Besides the weather and the occasional news item, what else is there to watch all day / night?   Why have the TV on at all?  Do you really need to be sitting down while watching TV?   Or can you jump on the treadmill or elliptical and watch TV if you must?

If we can remove this negativity from our life, i do believe that we will be less stressed and weigh less also!!!


Remember together we will NEVER BE 2 FAT 2 BE FIT!!!!

Week 2 of Diabetes Protection Program

Week 2 of the diabetes prevention program


Our goals are to lose 7% of our body weight and exercise 150 minutes a week. When I think about this, it should be easy right? Wrong!!! I am now tracking all my food that I eat on the website. This means all the food and drinks I put in my mouth!   Do you know how horrible that is! It is so hard! I actually have to have accountability and awareness of what I am putting in my mouth. I know that some of you don’t have this issue, but being a person addicted to food, this is extremely hard.   I cannot tell you how many times I have walked out of the kitchen with food in my hand or mouth but don’t remember actually picking it up to eat the food.

               The exercise part shouldn’t be that big of a deal right? Wrong!   Yesterday I had my heart set on going to Jiu Jitsu class, but I had a horrible sore throat that I couldn’t swallow and my ears hurt so bad. I then got some good sleep last night and I am doing better except for a very running nose that won’t stop! Whine… I know I am just whining!   So, I decide that I will go on a walk today during my lunch break. I would take my oldest dog, Eve for a walk.

               Now, Eve and I have done this multiple times over the last three years. She is a good dog, but can be really stubborn. She loves to run and it is fun to watch her run. Her floppy ears fly up and down and her cheeks fly with them and there is so much joy in her eyes.   Except for today!   Today, she decides to disappear. Do you know how frustrating it is to be on a walk, over a mile away from your house and your dog is gone? I couldn’t just jump in the car to look for her, no, I just had to start walking back to the house so I could get into the car to go find her. I was about 4 blocks from home, and I turned around and there she was. She was huffing and puffing and looking at me with sad eyes. She had been following me back to the house but was still far enough behind me that I couldn’t hear her.   While I was so angry, I was just happy to know she was smart enough to start following me back to the house.

               So now I am home, with the dogs and entering all the food I have eaten so far today.   I really don’t like this program. I know that losing weight is going to be hard, but having to write down everything I eat or drink is going to be tiresome.   Because let’s face it, after you put that cookie in your mouth you realize you now have to enter that into the tracking system. Face Palm!!!

               The good thing is that you can also track your activity. So I have entered the 30 minutes of walking that I did just looking for the damn dog! This part is going to be fun. I am wondering how hard it will be to actually meet 150 minutes every week.   I think it is time to move the elliptical from the garage to the deck so I can start doing work on there when I have free time. It will be much easier on my knees and body than walking / jogging on the hard roads.

               I have also bought a food scale to help with the weight of food. It was only $14.00 off of Amazon. I am hoping that I can start weighing my food and this will help with the food tracking.   So who is in with me? Anybody else want to help me from freaking out by helping keep track of their food an exercise as well? Please don’t leave me to do this by myself.   Remember together we will NEVER BEtooFAT2BeFIT!!!!


And the Journey Continues

Who Am I?

I was told to write down who I am, but who am I really?   I am just a girl that is overweight. When I look in the mirror I don’t think I look overweight. My clothes fit comfortably and I think I am pretty.   I try to stay active but of course, there are days where I don’t want to do anything. But I know what people say. I am 240 pounds and only 5’4”. I am not a model by a long shot, but I don’t desire to be one either.   What I do desire, is to be healthy. I want to go up a flight of stairs without being out of breath.

I know what I look like on the outside, and I know how I feel on the inside. So why don’t they match? I love food and this is no great secret. If you cook good food and place it in front of me, I will eat it. I try to limit my eating; however, will power is in short supply in my life.   Being a bigger person, I can tell you that will power is used all day long. It is used when we stop at the gas station to buy gas for our cars and not grabbing the pop or candy bar on the way out.   It takes will power to not grab a second serving of something when you are at lunch. And it is extremely difficult not to order that delicious dessert when out to dinner with a friend.

I once read that for fat people, it takes more food for us to even recognize that we are eating so we eat more in order to taste the food and feel full. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I can definitely say that I eat a lot of food. It has been a very long time since the last time it was that I didn’t eat at least 3 meals a day with snacks in between. And not little snacks or little meals, I am talking big huge meals with large snacks in between. It is truly a miracle that I don’t weigh over 350 pounds.

Obesity runs in my mother’s side of the family. My mother, uncle and two aunts have been overweight for as long as I could remember. The only one that wasn’t overweight was my second uncle who died when I was ten. He had a multitude of diseases and ended up passing away due to heart failure.   My mother was huge on cooking roasts with potatoes or some other carb loaded meal and ice cream every night.

I realize that a large part of my growing up, we were not very active as a family. My father was a state patrol sergeant and my mother worked for the state as an information technology specialist. Volleyball and softball were the only two sports I played as a child. I gave up softball my eight grade year because I didn’t like the coach.   The workouts for volleyball were really hard at the time, but when I look back now, they weren’t anything to huff and puff about.   The most activity my family did together was go camping. My parents would drop me off at the pool at the campground and come pick me up around 4 hours later. There were no bike rides, trail hikes, or anything of the sort that was done as a family. I think this is partially the reason why I never stayed active after I got out of high school.

While my past is very important, I believe my present and future is even more important. I have joined a Diabetes Prevention Program. It is 17 weeks long and I have high hopes for this program. It is free through my work, so we will see how it goes. While that is going on, I will be joining more Jiu Jitsu classes during the week and staying active while at home. I find that it is super important for me to stay active, because I have the tendency that once I stop moving, I don’t want to move anymore. It is true what they say, a body in motion stays in motion.

So this is my short story for now, I will post more later this week on different parts about me and my journey. Will you do this journey with me?

Remember, together, we will NEVER BEtooFAT2BEFIT!!!!

More, More & More

OMG! My right thigh is still on fire. I can touch it at least without writhing in pain!  My left thigh is not nearly as sore
How does that work? Stupid uneven body! I try to do exercises evenly on both sides, but no, you have to be difficult.

So flash back to Tuesday.   I didn’t make it to the gym but I did have volleyball practice.  These girls keep me on my toes and I think I am starting to get them into tip top shape.  I gave them an exercise similar to what I did on Sunday at competition class. Hee hee hee!  Five laps around the gym, bear crawls, rail cars, 30 squats, 30 lunges, 30 sit ups and 30 push-ups. Then on to railroad runs where all girls lay on the ground and then have to jump over each of the other girls. Once the dine, she lays down and then the next girl does the running and jumps.

After that we did several drills about passing and hitting.  Then off to serving and then a little fun times of playing six against six.  I make the girls do a lap for every time they hit the ball with one hand or if they set in the backrow.  They are finally starting to get that I hit the ball with one hand more than they do so now guess who gets to jog laps around the gym. Yep, me!  Good thing in can go slow because man those suck after a while.

I took yesterday off to be my one day rest. I am off work until 3:00 A.M. on Saturday morning.  So it looks like I have more than enough time to get some good workouts in.  Have you had a chance to play with your deck of cards?  I think today is a good day to do insanity on the XBox.  What are your plans today peeps?

Remember….. together we will never be too fat 2 be fit!!!!!!


Here We Go Again!

It has been too long since I have decided to start my work out journey again.  Oh wait, no it hasn’t.  I decide every week that I am going to get back on track and start going to the gym again. But do i do it?  Nooooo!!!!!  I make excuses and decide that sleep is much more important in my life. Or maybe, I have work that I am supposed to get done but I will make the decision to not do it and just lay in bed playing stupid apps on my phone.  Either way, excuses only make us fatter. 

So today, I am starting my journey again and this is a commitment to you and to myself.  I am starting today at 233 lbs… Size 16 jeans and X-Large shirts are getting tight.  I am ready to start getting back into shape.  It has been said that I can’t start running on the roads again until i lose 50 lbs or more and get into better shape.  So let the journey begin of losing that weight and running my next race.   Here is my pledge, say it with me if you are in the same situation.

“I, Amanda, pledge to do my best to stay on track.  I pledge to not take more than one day off at a time for rest and recovery.  I pledge that every day I will wake up before 9 a.m. and move during the day.  I pledge not to lay in bed and play apps on my phone until 9 p.m. and pay more attention to my health.   I pledge to not eat after 8 p.m. and not eat everything in site just because my mouth waters just looking at food.  I pledge to do my best to understand that the weight will not disappear in one day.  It took more than one day to gain this weight and it will take just the same, if not longer to lose the weight.   I pledge to love myself through this journey and to do my best under all circumstances.”

Now that i am done with that let me tell you about my Sunday! I went to competition class after not having been for almost a month.  This is competition class for Jiu Jitsu and is not for the faint of heart.   The first 20 minutes was take down fit-ins.   This is where you do the motion of taking down your partner without actually taking them down to the ground.  Next up was our professors new take on a deck of cards.    There were ten of us and he dealed ten piles of five cards.   Bear with me as I don’t remember which suit was exactly which, mostly because my body hurt so much after class that i couldn’t even remember what day it was. 

Of those five cards, one suit, such as diamonds, was 50 squats.  Another suit was 50 lunges, and then 50 situps and the last suit was 50 push-ups.   So you were going to do 250 of some kind of exercise.  I pulled 100 kimora situps, 50 lunges, and 100 squats.   I finished each of the cards and looked at the clock.  It was only 10:55.  Class isn’t over until 11:30.. Oh crap!   The professor decided to shuffle the deck again and deal another 10 sets of 5 cards.  This time it was bear crawls, rail cars (sideways bear crawls), shrimps (jiu jitsu exercise) and broad jumps.   I finished this one with tears in my eyes and couldn’t bear to move a single leg.  My knee was starting to swell and OMG i think my leg was going to detach from the hip.  When i looked up at the clock it was 11:15.   You are kidding me right!?!?!?!  The professor deals another ten sets of five cards.  This time it was all about partner excerises.   It was 50 leg pushes (where you are on the ground with your head between your partners legs and holding onto their legs with your legs up.  So you are in a 90 degree position.  Your partner pushes your legs in a direction and you can’t let your legs hit the ground and bring them back into the starting position.), 50 wheelbarrow push-ups (your partner holds your legs while you do push-ups), 50 windshield whipers ( you lay head to head with your partner on your backs and one partner swings their legs to one side while the other goes to the other side and you hold arms to keep balance), and 50 knee of belly’s (where one partner lays down and the other puts their knee on your belly and step to the other side and do it again).   I attempted to do the first set of 50 leg pushes and only got to 30 before my knee started hurting so bad, i wanted to crawl to the car to go home.   I continued to do the windshield wipers and attempted one wheelbarrel push-up before i tapped and called it quits.  

Finally 11:30 came and i could crawl to my car and go find food.  Nothing better than eating all the calories you just burnt off. 

Today i woke up and my legs were on fire.  I could barely sit on the toilet or get up!  Holy shit i am sore!  So i went to the gym this morning and worked out for 45 minutes before having to head to work.  I am sure the work-out helped with not being so sore, but OMG people, my legs are still on fire and can barely move!!!!   So my challenge to you is to write down on a piece of paper 12 different exercises.   Assign them a card suit and then shuffle your deck and deal yourself 5 cards.   Complete 3 deals using your 12 different exercises!   Let me know how it goes for you and i hope that you get the same results and feel just as happy as I do right now, knowing that I put in one heck of a exercise and it is only the beginning, again! 



Been too long

Oh it has been way to long since i have posted.   I took a very long break since October, 2013 until April, 2014.  I have gained all my weight back and am now trying to lose it again.   Take my word for it, it is easier to keep up your work than it is to start over.

I have an MRI tomorrow afternoon to check on the status of my knees.  I am praying that it is nothing and it is all in my head or something very small like torn cartilage.   I don’t think i could stand to have a massive surgery done during the race season.

Speaking of races, I have already completed two races in May.  I completed (barely) the Spartan Sprint at Ft. Carson, CO military base.   That race was insanely difficult.  Just being 6,000 feet in the air was a challenge.  It was over 4 miles long and i thought i was going to die.  (well maybe not die, but something rather close to it).

The Glow-Run was incredibly fun but we walked the whole 3.1 miles.  My daughters came and so did my husband.   We walked it because my youngest daughter had hurt ankles from soccer and my knee.   I am still not supposed to be running until the MRI comes back clean.

I have spent two months in physical therapy, and i am not happy.  I can’t lose weight sitting here and waiting for my knee to get better.  I attempted to swim 40 laps (36 laps = 1 mile) but i was not seeing any improvements in my mobility or my weight.  Let’s face it, swimming just isn’t my number one passion.  I want to run.  Run like I am free.  I want to be able to run a mile straight through and not stop.  I want to compete for the top three places in my age group.  I don’t want to be the last or even 10th to last in my age group.

So here i am, back at it ready to lose this weight and determined to run free.  I am starting again at 232 lbs and i want to be down to 200 lbs by the end of the summer.  I will start taking measurements all over again, but i wanted to get this first post back out there and say I am sorry for not writing for so long.

Together we will NEVER BE 2 FAT 2 BE FIT!!





Spartan Sprint – Lincoln, NE

1380448_10201602033306386_992966387_nI have been dreading this day for awhile now.  I couldn’t sleep last night in the hotel.   Not only because it had a jacuzzi tub but also because I was so nervous for this day.  Could I do this?? Could I actually make this happen?? In order to begin this story I must tell you what happened last weekend.   I have been in a pretty nasty mood lately and I sat at a volleyball game all day last Saturday.  Volleyball is my favorite sport of all time… So since i was in a nasty mood, i decided to start drinking.. Maybe that would help my mood.  HA!  I know right!  So I am drinking and get this great idea that we need to play volleyball.  The front yard isn’t big enough because there is a tree stump in the middle of the yard so I think “Ta Da! Let’s move to the street!”   Hand Palm!!!    Thinking back now, I will not be doing that again the week before a race.   I jumped for a ball and turned in the middle.  My left leg landed and immediately twisted my knee and ankle.  I hit the ground and laughed because it was all i could do to not cry.

So here i was last Thursday, barely able to walk as it was and now i have a spartan in two more days.  Was i going to be able to race or not??? Well Friday came, and we were driving out to Nebraska and I decided I can jog and do obstacles so I was going to get it done.   I wake up Saturday morning at 6:00 AM CT and started getting ready.  This started with a shower so I could actually wake up.  We get packed and Jim realizes that we forgot towels and trash bags.  Hand Palm #2!

So we hit up the Lincoln, NE Walmart and pick up towels and trash bags and continue to the Abbot Sports Complex.   We pull in, good thing when you volunteer you get a free  parking pass, and park almost 1/2 mile away from the enterance… Geez people.  The security guard that was volunteering was being an ass.   The car in front of me backed into a spot and it wasn’t the spot that the guard wanted him in and made them pull forward to the other side.  I guess backing into a spot just isn’t allowed.   The guy then points me to the next spot and i go to park and the person already parked next to the spot was getting out.  The guard is yelling at me to pull forward and must want me to hit the person.  Hand Palm #3!!!!  I pull into the spot and we get ready and start towards the entrance.

I can feel my right heel rubbing on the shoe so i go a bit slower to make sure i have time to get the mole skin onto it so it won’t blister.  I grab everybody’s bib numbers, write it on their waiver and we head to get our bib packet.   We are now ready to find the bag check and get going.   Before I can check my bag, I put on my moleskin and Sondra wraps my left ankle for me.  My left knee is just going to have to deal with it, because there is no way i am going to lug that huge brace through the course with me.   We grab the picture up above and check the bags and start heading towards the start line.


8:45 AM CT – “I AM SPARTAN – AROO AROO AROO!” And we are off.  I start jogging and i am doing okay.  It is a slow job but i am still moving.  The first obstacle, wall jumps.  They are about 3 1/2″ foot walls that you have to jump over, then crawl under, jump over and continue on.  Ok, i got this and I am happy about that!! I couldn’t do burpees on the first obstacle.   So we continue on up and down and through the woods.  We go up hills and down hills and over sticks and stones.  Next thing i know, we are down in the river doing high knees and having to make it to the sand bar.  We hit the sand bar and then it is more up and down hills.  I am actually smiling because these are not like the “Hell Hill” that Jim makes me do.

Oh did I tell you that at this time, it is approximately 40 degrees outside and the water is maybe 25 degrees?   OMG It was cold!  So we continue on and then it is up a dirt hill, down a dirt hill into water, up another dirt hill back down into water, up another hill back down.. Brrrr!!!!  I am now freezing because the water is up to my boobs.  It was about up to Jim’s hips when he first got in and I knew i was in for it.  I am more than a foot shorter than he and I was going to have to swim!  Hand Palm #4.  Getting back up the hills was a pain because you were trying to climb up mud and that isn’t the easiest thing when you can’t get a grip and you are trembling.

We then job through the corn field back to the sports complex and now it is time for three obstacles in a row.   “Men over here, woman over there,” the guy said.  It was time for the tire flip.  I got this right!?!?!? Yeah no, after going a mile and being frigid cold made it a bit more difficult to flip the tire.  I couldn’t get my grip and i had to switch to another tire to get better grip and make sure i could lift the first two inches.   I finally got that stupid tire flipped four times and continued to the next obstacle.

Well shit, it is the inverted wall.  Seriously?  I climbed up and couldn’t get my legs to work and move up, so I did my first set of 30 burpees.  Ugh!! Ever do burpees with a twisted knee and ankle?  Next obstacle is the monkey bars.  Yep, another 30 burpees.   Crap are you serious, i am already 60 burpees in and I haven’t even finished the first mile.   Hand Palm #5.

We continue on and the volunteers give me water and some energy chewables… Sweet!!! Water and energy! I was pretty excited.   We continued up and down a few dirt hills and then back through the woods.  We jog through the river bed and back up more hills.  We get to the Atlas carry, which is a sandbag carry.   Carry this 20lb sandbag up and down hills and then drop it off and continue on.  Hmm… Ok, this isn’t too bad.. I have my pink (women’s) sandbag and was moving on.   Sondra, carrying the red (male’s) sandbag was carrying it like a baby and Jim and Steven had it on their shoulder.   I had mine on my shoulder also and made it up and down the hills without help. YAY!

We then continue back towards the sports complex and hit the barbed wire mud crawl.  This was actually pretty interesting because you can slid over the mud and then drop into a pool of water, climb back onto the mud and then after 10 feet it drops back into a pool of mud… If your body touched the barb wire above you, a women with a fire hose sprayed you with water on full blast.  Yep, I got this spray and it was freezing cold.   This course was quite long and then we started to go up a major mud hill.  I dug my nails into the mud and trek up it.  I got to the top and realized i wasn’t even close to finishing the obstacle.  I still had another 50 yards to go.  I slid down the hill, face first on accident, hit the water and kept moving.   After getting plenty of barbed wire in my butt i decided it was time to stop doing squats and flatten my behind!  Well, okay maybe not but it has to get smaller somehow because my butt hurts!!!  Hand Palm #6.

So now we are muddy, wet and cold.  The trasverse wall is next!!!   Oh crap!  I can’t even get my grip on the stupid wood blocks and my feet are slipping off the bottom wood blocks.   I was holding and holding, while Sondra was pushing up my butt and then i slipped.  Screw this! I just broke a nail!  Well here is another 30 burpees! Argh!!! I am really getting tired of burpeees now!  Oh wait, the rope climb is next.  Not even trying, so another 30 burpees here I come!

The spear throw was next.  This should be easy right!??  No!!! I missed, Jim kept throwing spears until he was out.  About 14 spears in, one broke and i was on the ground laughing trying to do my 30 burpees because I missed.   This obstacle should have been so easy but i failed.   We then jogged over to the cargo climb.  I love cargo nets!!! They are my favorite obstacle.   I climb up with ease, hit the top, and realize that now i have to do a 20 yard cross over the cargo net that you can see the 25′ drop.   Que the Panic Attack!!! I sat there and cried because there was no way i could cross the net!  I just couldn’t do it.  I tried crossing it with another gal and because she moved when i did, the net moved and it just freaked me out even more.  Fifteen minutes later, a group of individuals held the rest of the people back and let me cross the net while in hysterics.  I got across and quickly maneuvered back down the net and told the individuals that they were my favorite people of all time.   I can’t express how huge this panic attack was and how it affected me after.    I was literally just 100 yards from finishing and i couldn’t move forward.  Tears were falling and people were staring at me.   I didn’t care, i wanted to get down, but thanks to my team coming back to get me I was able to finish.   Sondra crawled back across the net and Steven came all the way back around and did the obstacle twice to get me through it.   I ❤ you guys!!!  Jim was standing below me helping me across by telling me i was stronger than i thought i was.  My husband is the most amazing person ever!!!


(Evil Cargo Net)

So i made it through and guess what, more barbed wire mud hills.  These weren’t so bad, i went up, slid back down to the other side and realized that now you have to go under the next wall which is all water filled.  So i grabbed my sun glasses and went under the board, came back up on the other side and climbed out of the mud.   Now it was to the Slippery Wall.  I made it all the way to the top and collapsed with the rope in my hand still.  Jim and Steven helped me get my ass over the wall and then back down.   I turned around and saw the finish line.  Are you kidding me! I am almost there!!!

We did the fire jump, wasn’t quite sure i would be able to jump over it but i made it!  Through the Gladiator’s and through the finish line!!  I could have collapsed with happiness and I about cried!!   I did my first Spartan!!!!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!!!  So now I know i need to work on upper body strength and burpees!!!!


Without my team, there is no way i could have finished this race!!  Let this be a reminder that TOGETHER, we will NEVER BE 2 FAT 2 BE FIT!!!!!  And we will always finish TOGETHER!!!